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Rebecca Lally's visual talent was first acknowledged when her colored drawing of The Weird House took first place in the Eeyore's Best Book Cover Contest when she was 5 years old.  All through grade school, she continued to receive multiple art awards before she was accepted into the highly competitive La Guardia High School of Music and Art.  Lally studied art and film at Syracuse University, was awarded the Carole Schmuckler Award for Excellence in Filmmaking and graduated cum laude.


Lally's background in theatre is deep.  As a kid, she worked backstage at the Women's Interart Annex, The Mint, Manhattan Class Company and the Double Image Theatre. She appeared onstage as a young actress for New Voice on Theatre Row.  To help pay her way through Syracuse, she joined her sisters at the Jekyll & Hyde Club playing Wilhemina Tombs over four summers.  When her artist family produced The Breezeway in New York, she took the reins as General Manager at the not-so-tender age of 23.  


Lally's rich background in art and theatre led her into directing the short film,  Firefly, which was an Official Selection at Worldfest Houston, and Charleston Wordfest.  She had the opportunity to be a contributing filmmaker on the 9/11 documentary Witnessing which was an Official Selection at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival. 


With her company, she was director of photography as well as editor on the feature film, The Last Christmas Party. The film (part narrative, part documentary) demanded creative problem-solving on the fly throughout the 8-night low-budget shoot.  With a crooked umbrella tented over her head to protect her camera lens, Lally was outside shooting from 9:30PM to 3:30AM during one of the biggest snowstorms in NYC history.   That's some bad shoot, Harry.


Lally's background in visual arts has brought her into work in all types of media. After college she got a day job in the garment district where she met the cousin of the CFO at Showtime who helped her land a job at Showtime as Post Production Coordinator. This led her into her work as a freelance editor.  Lally was the lead editor on the last three JOE FRESH CAMPAIGNS (Canada), and edited a series of commercials for COACH ASIA (Korea and Japan).   She has also worked as a director for short form promos for Showtime Networks, as well as a high profile viral campaign for VH1's ACCEPTABLE TV.  Her short film, Whatever Happened to Bubo the Golden Owl, was reviewed as "hilarious" by Revolution Science Fiction.  Her book trailer, 13 Bullets - The Evolution of Horror,  by David Wellington has over 75,000 views on You Tube.   Recently, Lally called upon her training as a fine artist and created 12 drawings for the short story collection, Tales of Wonder from the Garden State, which was chosen for the cover of Publisher's Weekly and is an award winning finalist in the 2011 USA Best Books Awards. 


When she's not editing, Lally can be found studying anatomy and drawing at the Art Student's League in Manhattan and the International School of Painting and Drawing in Italy.  In her off hours, she writes sketch comedy and lyrics for her band, walks her dog, Fergus, in Central Park, and goes to a lot of films.  Rebecca Lally is a founding partner of Dora Mae Productions.


Dora Mae Jones
Dora Mae Jones

Dora was the real star of Dora Mae Productions. She lived on the Upper West Side for 10 years. She enjoyed long walks in the Ramble, warm naps in the sun, good company, and squeaky toys with faces! She is deeply missed and will always be our muse.

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