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Improvisation, Monologues, Solo Performance, Stand Up


Group Class-Beginner Adult
Instructor: Samantha Jones

The ultimate playground! Learn the basics of comedy improvisation, brush up your skills, and learn new techniques to loosen up and think quickly at auditions, work, and play. This class is designed for everyone and will provide plenty of opportunity to work out individually as well as in a group. Prior improv experience is not necessary, but you must be willing to jump right in!

"Get back what you left behind...learn how to play!
Whether you're an actor or not, after taking Jones' class,
you'll never be afraid to take a risk again!"

Sarah Phillips, Actress/Comedian


Group Class-Advanced Adult
Instructor: Samantha Jones

Performance oriented 8-week course focuses on deep ensemble work and advanced games. This class takes you to the next level as a performer and ensemble cast member while the troupe prepares for an end of term performance in a NYC comedy club. The troupe will name itself and decide on a general theme for the show.

"As a voice over artist, I was looking for an improv class that would help me find attitudes and
characters to use in my auditions.  I had taken 3 other improv classes in the city and all roads led me to
Samantha Jones' Wild Improv class.  Samantha brings an extremely positive energy to her students. 
It's  contagious! She is supportive,encouraging, and makes it FUN!  
I felt her gently pushing me to find my strengths. She combines all levels which also helped me feel I
had tremendous support in all the games and exercises.  Can't wait for the new session. "

Jeanne Fishman, Voice Over Artist

"The most supportive class in town! If you're looking for a place to work your creative muscles,
Samantha Jones' Wild Improv classes are the place to be!"

Dave Riley, Sketch Writer


Group Class- All Levels Welcome
Teens 13 and Up
Instructor: Samantha Jones

Perfect for the teen performer! This course will focus on all of the basics for short form comedy improv and basic acting skills. Students will learn how to incorporate every aspect of their lives into wonderful characters and situations! They will let go of the day to day while discovering their strengths as performers! The class will develop a close bond and sense of trust which the students will take with them to an invited performance at end of term.

"Give your dinner table stand-up another outlet for the knock knock jokes!"


Group Class- All Levels Welcome
Kids under 13
Instructor: Samantha Jones

Do you have a child who loves to perform? This 8-week course is a great way for kids to get their feet wet in comedy and enjoy themselves! It will introduce them to the discipline needed for the world of comedy. In this class, they will learn the basics of ensemble work as well as individual performance as they give their young imaginations over to the wonderful world of improv! Warm-ups, games, group, and individual exercises designed to deepen confidence will explode into an end of term performance where the kids take over and perform for their parents and friends!



Group Class- All Levels Welcome
Instructor: Samantha Jones

Avant garde solo performer, Samantha Jones, will guide you through her method to create your own solo show. With 4 shows under her belt and numerous awards and festival invitations, Samantha is known for her creative take on the world and bizarre characters.  If you've always had a solo show brewing in you somewhere, Samantha will take you through a step by step process to finally bring your dream into a reality.  You will have the opportunity to work your pieces in front of the class and Samantha will guide you straight to the finish line.


Group Class- All Levels Welcome
Instructor: Samantha Jones

Every actor needs 8 monologues they can pull out of their hat ant any time.  Do you? In Samantha's monologue class you will come out with more monologues and more variety than you ever dreamed of.  Samantha will also work on the entire audition with you.  First impressions are everything and so are last impressions.  Get really prepared fro you next audition with Samantha's monologue class.


Sam will work with you one on one and teach you every aspect about finding, preparing, and performing a monologue for an audition. The sessions focus on understanding the material, breaking it down, and making specific choices that will best serve the piece and get you cast.
Perfect for school auditions, as well.


One on one coaching for the solo performing or stand up comedian.  have an act you'd like to develop?  Always wanted to stand up?  Want to write a solo show? Lets do it.

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Samantha Jones
Award winning actress, avant-garde solo performer, and comedian; Samantha Jones has taught acting and improv for over 15 years to adults, teens, and young children. A founding member of the widely acclaimed improv troupe, The Headshop Guerillas, Samantha practices what the teaches by performing regularly all over the country. Her improv classes are fast paced, quick moving, and creative.  With a unique approach in a competitive art form, Samantha establishes a safe and non-competitive atmosphere for her students to finally break free and regain their instinctual sense of play.  Her solo and monologue work is equally demanding of her students and well and liberating.  Her golden rule is every actor needs 10 monologues they can pull out of their hat at any given moment.  Samantha teaches her students how to find, prepare, and even write their own monologues that not only will make them stand out in an audition- but also land the job! View Bio

Samantha is a partner of Dora Mae Productions.  She represents the Screen Actors Guild on the board of the NY Coalition of Professional Women in Arts and Media.  She is an active member of AEA, SAG, and AFTRA.

"Never be embarrassed by anything you do! Anyone can do improv.
I get several students who aren't actors, they just want to shake things
up and bit and learn how to play again..."
- Samantha Jones

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