The Breezeway
Family Drama/Mystery ©Dora Mae Productions
Written by: Debbie Jones
Current Form: 2 Act Play

1968. A country on the brink of change - in the middle of an un-winnable war. In the Breezeway, the Flynn sisters and their respective families are forced to take on the consequence of choice in order to protect one of their own. When Lucille's youngest sister, Gail Malone, walks in the door worked over by her husband, Mickey, for the 100th time, the entire family rallies in her defense. But on New Year's Eve, everything changes. When Mickey Malone comes over to retrieve his battered wife, Mickey is murdered and this family of cops covers up the crime. Ten year later we re-meet this now broken family that has nearly been destroyed by a past it cannot forget and a crime that one of them can no longer hide.

Market: Theatre/Broadway
Feature Film/General Release